Face D and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, together at the Fuorisalone

The love of design alongside effective skincare formulas of high quality: the cosmetics brand Made in Italy joins the famous design duo in an installation of great visual impact during Milano Design Week, at the Nhow Hotel on Via Tortona

An immediate, direct way to communicate the identity of the brand, in a striking installation on view from 4 to 15 September at the Nhow Hotel on Via Tortona, during Milano Design Week. The unusual interaction between the Italian skincare brand Face D and the designer couple Ludovica+Roberto Palomba expresses a passion for beauty, interpreted through the distinctive values of modernity, minimalism and refinement.

“The installation symbolizes the structure of an enlarged epithelium – a sort of transparent beehive – in which to insert a mood that narrates the brand,” say Ludovica & Roberto Palomba. The interlocking plexiglass panels that form the skeleton of the installation emphasize the floor and ceiling made with luminous screens, enabling the light to create reflections and refractions along the edges of the panels, for a heightened sensorial effect. The whole arrangement is enclosed in a display case, where a series of shelves display not just products, but also objects that use colors, transparency, textures and symbols to narrate the idea of cosmetics as nourishment of the skin, leading to a sense of wellbeing. “Simple but not simplistic,” they say at Face D, a company that communicates its skincare philosophy in a clean, honest and direct way – 100% Made in Italy, scientifically tested to provide effective and efficient solutions that avoid the superfluous in favor of the necessary.