Awase by Bolzan, design Omi Tahara - Photo © Omar Sartor

Tailored Dreams” is the thread that runs through the latest collections from Bolzan but in reality they draw more deeply on the philosophy that guides the company. The theme in fact underlines that widespread desire for quality rest derived from a tailor-made design that can be achieved only with materials of the highest quality and the finest craftsmanship, and the greater harmony with the environment that comes with taking a sustainable approach. Bolzan is all of this. The company, that is based near Venice, has always believed in a “zero miles” approach to design, looking to the territory that surrounds it, exploring its traditions and existing manufacturing to uncover its strengths.

Bolzan products are thus born out of encounters with realities and small companies that have a short supply chain. This expertise can be seen in each of the brand’s collections, all the result of artisanal sensibility – from the solid and precise construction of the bed frames to the finishing of the interiors as well as the exteriors – as well as the particular attention given to materials. The new collections are a perfect example – all made with natural and recyclable materials – certified woods, natural black anodised aluminium, natural padding – so as to promote personal wellbeing and at the same time that of the environment with considerable attention given to issues of durability and disassembly. Sustainability is in fact a key value for the brand who have developed their manufacturing process towards a circular economy, a new way of doing business, where everything is conceived and produced to be regenerated, with waste reduced to a minimum. In keeping with this farsighted vision is the prominence of wood that is used in many of the new collections, presented for the first time at the BolzanSpace in Milan.

Rideaux by Bolzan, design Zanellato Bortotto

This key material becomes a representation of the brand’s ideals and its manufacturing skill as an “atelier of sleep”. And it is precisely the world of fashion that is the inspiration behind the new family of drawers Rideaux: according to the creative vision of Bolzan’s design curators Zanellato/Bortotto, the wood is worked as if it were a fabric, modelling surfaces that imitate the softness of drapes, to create undulating fronts in ash that reproduce the sinuous shape of curtains. The collection consists of chests of drawers and bedside tables, elements characterised by the top that, continuous with the front, softly wraps around the volume of the piece, hiding the corners as it comes down to the front.

Playing the lead protagonist in the bedroom is the Nest bed and wood reaffirms its natural and sensory quality, creating a cosy nest through a skilful game of curves. The headboard (completed by two large reclining cushions) and the ash bed frame are slightly concave made with a procedure that achieves a synthesis of technological methods, sophisticated machinery and artisanal finishes.

Nest by Bolzan

Awase by Bolzan, design Omi Tahara

The Awase bed, created by the Japanese designer Omi Tamara, is the result of a careful combination of materials. The name Awase in fact in Japanese means “harmonisation of different elements” and makes reference to the combination of wood and wicker of the headboard, where the rigour of the solid wood frame is united with the dynamism of the woven wicker texture. Rideaux, Nest, Awase: three different expressions of a single, authentic culture of wellbeing.