Cino Zucchi’s representation of De Castelli

The architect imagines a new showroom for the company specialized in metalworking

An architectural location, a meeting place, an exhibition of the culture of craftsmanship, design and experimentation. This is the new space created by Cino Zucchi for De Castelli, recently opened at Via Visconti di Modrone 20 in Milan. Luminous spaces with large niches become a setting for the narration of the new Rame At Home collection.

Lo showroom di De Castelli – ph Marco Menghi

Among the most interesting symbols, the entrance – shaped by two large asymmetrical “blades” – makes reference to the original door of the building, made in Orbitale DeLabré brass. The blades can move during the day, passing from a completely open welcome to a semi-closed position, providing a glimpse of the interior.

Lo showroom di De Castelli - ph Marco Menghi
Lo showroom di De Castelli – ph Marco Menghi

“The large existing door of the 17th-century building will always be open,” says Cino Zucchi. “In the entryway, a second gate in glass and brass will invite visitors into a spatial sequence where fixed and mobile furnishings – all made in metal, with different compositions and finishes – become examples of the technical potential and finishing of De Castelli. The design of the interior is therefore not just a simple background for displays and activities, but a true “representation” with an interactive nature of the potential offered by collaboration between designers and the company: a “think-tank” where creative imagination, fine craftsmanship and ongoing technological research intertwine to generate new, original results.”

Not to be missed: the materials library, containing all the samples of metals with their finishes, oxidation, multiple tones, textures and patterns.