MDF Italia. Femininity in a sofa

Thea is a sofa with an extremely feminine design, featuring a cover that wraps and drapes over the volumes like a dress

A result of the collaboration between product designer Lina Obregon and fashion designer Carolina GalanThea, MDF Italia’s new sofa, features an entirely feminine design and a harmonious balance between comfort and simplicity, between precision and lightness.

Its femininity is accentuated by the cover, which wraps and drapes over the volumes like a dress with folds and stitches that cling to the sofa’s various shapes and faithfully reproduce them. Through the essential, refined style used to create Thea’s cover and the accessories that enhance it, the designer adopted a working method that followed the rules of haute couture, evident in the extreme attention to detail involving the use of different seams and the application of the bias and the contrasting border in three different colors – white, taupe and dark gray – to define angles, curves and shapes.

Designed to perfectly express the versatility and practicality of the whole system, six accessories complete the collection: a quilt, headrest cushion, lumbar support cushion, square cushion, blanket and tray. Through these elements, the sofa can be modified without the use of mechanisms, obtaining the desired comfort with extreme simplicity through simple actions.

MDF Italia thus introduces the unusual concept, borrowed from the fashion world, of a “dynamic accessory”. In addition to satisfying different needs and uses, the accessory adapts and alters over time: it changes over the course of the day and with the passing seasons, evolving and updating over the years.

The system consists of six types of modules, which can be combined and arranged in a vast number of different ways.