The 4 elements of Cleaf conquer Las Vegas

The concept of space with which the Brianza company took part in the AWFS Fair (Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Suppliers), the annual event that brings together in the American “Sin City” the most important audience of operators that use wood in production, was designed by the Calvi Brambila studio.

Designers followed Cleaf’s 2017 theme – The Four Elements – to display the company’s expertise and the numerous applications in terms of surfaces dedicate to furniture and interior design through an iconic experience of 4 installations.

The lead-ennobled panels for the Earth theme were presented as a sculpture that recalled the famous game of the 1970s by Charles and Ray Eames, House of Cards, and rightly form part of the Hyper Materials collection with their technological flexibility, style and potential for solid sustainability.
A star-shaped construction represents Air and conveys the cladding potential of this solution for technically complicated surfaces like doors.
Fire is dedicated to the shaker doors, with a system of overlapping coloured elements.
A small island evokes the concept of Water with its wavy brushstrokes that evoke the waves of the sea.

WithThrough this architecture of the exhibition space, Calvi Brambilla offer suggestions dedicated to the world of design, communicating the potential and infinite uses of Cleaf’s surfaces.  An attractive and harmonious 4-in-1 visual proposal that knows how to meet market demand.