Midj: time and temperament

In its 35 years of existence, the company has grown with a constant curve: it started from nothing, always flew by sight and today takes off with a load of projects with a strong and decisive character

Midj, Collezione Bolle by Paola Navone
Midj, Bolle by Paola Navone

It was 1987 when Paolo Vernier resigned from a job, in his own words, “nice, comfortable and with a great salary, but which did not give me happiness.” He was able to perceive the invisible boundary between satisfaction and decided to take a leap into the unknown: to found his own company. With the money from the liquidation (more or less 10,000 euros today) Midj was born, a lot of work as a subcontractor at the beginning then the first collections, the enrichment with light and complements, the choice of a soft contemporary style, a production and commercial structure up to the mark and today it has a turnover approaching 20 million euros.

Midj, Tavolo Spike by Giulio Iacchetti
Midj, Spike table by Giulio Iacchetti

Time and success encourage the enterprise, and Paolo Venier – now flanked by his children Miriam and Rudj (Mi..dj) – decides that the time has come to be even happier, and to do so he does not choose two designers at random, but Paola Navone and Giulio Iacchetti.
Two design fundamentalists, two independent souls who have always danced on their own, outside the circles and the “Milano da bere”: but they are reasonably the other half of Paolo Vernier’s apple, who in them (and probably them in him) has found ground for his visions, a relationship that goes beyond the entrepreneur/designer/product triangle, because by their nature Iacchetti and Navone are above all lovers of adrenalin rush, of the process and its telling.

Midj, Collezione Bolle by Paola Navone
Midj, Bolle collection by Paola Navone

Giulio Iachetti’s Spike table is the result of a path full of pitfalls, between balances to be found, formal impact to be maintained and melody to be given. It is “an important table” that, as the designer has defined it, “is architecture that marries the interior”.

Paola Navone’s Bolle collection marks Midj’s debut in the in&outdoor sector, a concept on which much attention is being focused especially in the hospitality and residential contract sectors.

Midj, Tavolo Akashi by Paolo Vernier
Midj, Akashi table by Paolo Vernier

It doesn’t end here: Paolo Vernier changes clothes, dresses as a designer and presents Akashi, a table that can measure up to 4 metres, with refined (and laborious) engineering that allows it to resist stress and even be extendable. Midj has been able to wait for the moment to put all its temperament into play.