High-tech spirit

From the most revolutionary bioclimatic pergolas to lighting, outdoor furnishings wager on maximum comfort, thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology

Pratic, Connect. Ph © EYE Studio
Pratic, Connect. Ph © EYE Studio

To be completely satisfied with the environment around us, avoiding excessive sensations of warmth or coldness, with the right control of air and sunlight during the day, as well as artificial lighting at night. This is what the technological society expects from the world of outdoor furnishings today, which have to establish a dialogue with space and the environment, relying on technological innovation.

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A genuine outdoor architecture revolution: the Connect bioclimatic pergola by Pratic reflects the world outside and the surrounding setting thanks to the use of Spy Glass panels. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, any form of automation – from lighting to movement of the sunscreen blades and curtains – can have vocal control, combined with weather sensors that trigger closure of the blades in case of rain, snow or high winds.

A roof with retracting mobile blades is the technological novelty of the Kedry Skylife bioclimatic pergola by KE, where the blades rotate and retract, for opening and closing, in a single movement. All with perfect automation that uses an app for smartphones and tablets for remote control, setting the times and functions for opening and closing the unit.

Gibus, with the Varia bioclimatic pergola, is able to create a constantly comfortable micro-climate thanks to the innovative roof with adjustable blades, capable of rotating from 0 to 120 degrees thanks to an advanced system patented by the company: Twist Motion offers elegant synchronized movement of the aluminium blades, on two lateral pivots.

Flos, Caule Floor by Patricia Urquiola. Ph © Tommaso Sartori
Flos, Caule Floor by Patricia Urquiola. Ph © Tommaso Sartori

In the field of outdoor lighting – where it is essential to find a balance between discreet image in tune with the context and technology that works together with and compensates for the lack of natural light – Patricia Urquiola has designed Caule for Flos, an outdoor collection that blends perfectly into the open air setting, in both bollard and deck versions of various heights. Every model guarantees high levels of visual comfort thanks to the recessed position of the light source and the use of special lenses, preventing direct glare.

Hoop by Fermob is a festive suspension system composed of eight rings attached to a 12-meter cable. It can be controlled with a dimmer/switch on the cable, or by remote means with a Bluetooth app.

Fermob, Hoop
Fermob, Hoop

Technology is a source of direct inspiration for Ramon Esteve in the design of the Tablet collection of sofas for Vondom. Just as mobile devices adapt to the needs of each use, this program of sofas responds to every whim thanks to its flexibility and versatility, provided by the modular composition. The collection is made with polyurethane foam on an internal metal structure, and covered with polypropylene fabric.

Vondom, Tablet
Vondom, Tablet by Ramon Esteve