Virtual? Contact is fundamental 

The architect Stefano Cazzaniga, CEO of INTERNI, underlines the importance of stores and face-to-face interaction 

Stefano Cazzaniga, CEO Interni
Stefano Cazzaniga, CEO Interni

The pandemic has revolutionized ways of living and working. What about the dynamics of sales?
The pandemic has definitely altered our way of life, and our way of interacting with spaces of living and working. In this period, we have appreciated the opportunities offered by the digital world. Online work modes have allowed us to be close to our customers in spite of the difficult situation.
At the same time, though, we have sorely missed being in direct contact with our clients. Showrooms still represent an added value for the furniture sector. The possibility of seeing furniture up close, touching the materials and swapping opinions face to face has taken on exceptional value.

Interni, via Turati, Milano
Interni, via Turati, Milan

What strategies have you implemented to cope with this unprecedented situation?
Luckily, we were already prepared for such eventualities. Our company has always relied on communication, not just offline but also online, and this has granted us the possibility to never interrupt our work. All the digital tools we have developed over the years have been further enhanced and implemented, so as to never leave our customers without our support.
Our website and email have become primary working methods. Through newsletters we have stayed close to clients, keeping them up to date on the latest new offerings, fostering their desire for innovation and renewal in domestic spaces. We have also activated systems of smart working for our staff.

Interni, showroom Arclinea Milano
Interni, Arclinea showroom Milan

Did you receive assistance from the government, and is that something you would favor?
We hope the government will have positive proposals for the future: to leave us the possibility and opportunity to work at our best, with even greater determination. In short, there should be incentives for companies, and ways of supporting their activities in the future.

Have you received messages of solidarity from your clients, especially on an international level?
Our clients, in Italy or abroad, have been truly outstanding in this period of the pandemic. They have remained active, and have inquired about our health, that of our country and our companies. We are ready to restart, together.

Interni, showroom Bergamo
Interni, showroom in Bergamo