Art Deco conquers China

Giorgio Collection’s Art Deco style has captured the attention of the international public thanks to increasingly luxurious total-look collections that strike the perfect balance between the contemporary and the traditional, combining sophisticated materials with delicate, refined lines. The brand’s collections have long transcended national borders, piquing the interest of different cultures, with the Chinese market no exception. And Giorgio Collection’s sleeker, fresher new take on interior design is the perfect match for the changing tastes sweeping the country.

The ultimate embodiment of this aesthetic revolution is the Vision collection, which was unveiled at Milan Furniture Fair and is now bringing its unique charms to the sister show in Shanghai. “This year, we’re really focusing on our recent Vision collection, which was designed by our art director Giorgio Soressi,” explains CEO Fabio Masolo. “It’s a clear move away from all of our other previous collections, as we turn our backs on our usual veneering in favour of linear, contemporary designs centred around glossy lacquered polyester.”

As well as appearing at the trade events in both Milan and Shanghai, Vision is already available at the brand’s Chinese stores. Indeed, Giorgio Collection’s flagship stores are fundamental to the brand’s development plans in China. “Mono-brand stores are our sole focus,” continues Masolo. “In 2016 and the first half of 2017, we opened seven showrooms, with the total number of stores in China set to hit double figures in 2018.”

As things stand, Giorgio Collection is present in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou, but Masolo explains that “the strategic expansion plan includes the objective of entering second- and third-level cities experiencing marked economic growth in the medium term, to enable us to satisfy the demand from private citizens, architects and interior designers for whom mono-brand stores are the first point of contact. It’s vital that we have iron-clad exclusivity agreements in our areas of competence too”.

This is emblematic of the resolute approach Giorgio Collection is adopting as it tackles China, which has for the past two years been the brand’s fastest-growing market, accounting for around 20% of overall turnover.