Space revealed

Bigfoot is the system invented by Protek to exploit every inch of a home, an office or a hotel

Protek goes well beyond the hypothetical needs of smart working connected with Covid-19. The internationally patented Bigfoot represents an intelligent solution to gain precious square meters in any available corner of the home. Bigfoot is a flexible sliding door system for interior design and architecture, from renovations to new constructions.

With its sliding doors, Bigfoot provides an intelligent complement for micro-living spaces, but it can also be applied to areas of all sizes and purposes: from the bathroom door that becomes an accessorized sliding unit, to a vanishing sliding door to contain a parked bike or fitness gear. The system can accommodate a workstation or a bed, even providing a small private space that opens with a remote control, in which to store valuables. Not a safe, but a space that is hard to detect, offering added security

Big Foot by Protek |Tapis Roulant
Big Foot by Protek | Door
Big Foot by Protek | Bathroom
Big Foot by Protek | Bathroom
Big Foot by Protek | Television
Big Foot by Protek | Smart Working
Big Foot by Protek | Wine Cellar
Big Foot by Protek | Pantry
Big Foot by Protek | Bike
Big Foot by Protek | Living
Bigfoot by Protek |Tapis Roulant
Bigfoot by Protek | Door
Bigfoot by Protek | Bathroom
Bigfoot by Protek ModuloBagno
Bigfoot by Protek | Television
Bigfoot by Protek | Smart Working
Big Foot by Protek | Wine Cellar
Bigfoot by Protek | Pantry
Bigfoot by Protek | Bike
Bigfoot by Protek | Living
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Bigfoot can be utilized for residential or contract projects, and requires no building permits. As Giovanni Maggioni, CEO of Protek, emphasizes, “it transforms space into function” a concept that opens the way to infinite applications, providing designers with practical and aesthetically interesting solutions, also thanks to the wide range of finishes

The world of design has already demonstrated vivid interest: in September will be inaugurated the Central Tower by the studio BBPR

Bigfoot has left its print on residential and hospitality projects all over the world:  Paris, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Toronto and Tel Aviv are just some of the cities where Big Foot has altered the logic of spaces