Emu’s contract propensity

With more than half a century of experience in the outdoor sector, a widespread distribution network and a parterre of important design names that have created dozens of collections over the years, Emu counts on a rich catalog of proposals and hundreds of references all over the world.
But the contract industry is a dynamic sector, especially for outdoor furniture collections where it competes with large companies and thousands of local businesses.

At Host Emu presented the best of its recent production, starting from the Nef collection by the prolific Patrick Norguet, including the Modern seats and the Terramare series by Chiaromonte/Marin as well as Nova by Aldo Ciabatti.

The variety of materials used represents Emu’s strength and the Lyze line by Florent Coirier, made of aluminum and stainless steel demonstrates it. The Dock, designed by Sebastian Herkner, is a modular padded system that, for flexibility, lightness (made of aluminum) and fabrics (strictly water-repellent), represents the perfect mix for the hospitality world. All lit by Cone, the vintage lamp available in many dimensions.

A great deal of attention is dedicated to the company’s eco-sustainability and certification: these are demanded by international markets (Europe and North America in the first place) which are now very sensitive to the impact on the environment. EMU aligns with this policy by providing 100% recyclability of the materials used in production processes.