The many facets of marble

A 360° experience of natural stone: the 2024 Living Marble collection by Luce di Carrara is a poetic and surprising voyage through the still hidden virtues of a noble material

Porto by Luce Di Carrara, design Attila Veress

Not just three-dimensional surfaces for walls and floors, but also refined furnishings, all the way to objects and complements for the home. Luce di Carrara, from the outset – since its founding in the early 2000s – has formulated an all-around philosophy of Living Marble, opening up extraordinary and unthinkable scenarios for the crafting of the stone.

Living Marble collection by Luce Di Carrara

The exploration of the potential of this precious natural resource continues in the new collection presented during the recent Milano Design Week, with artistic direction by Attila Veress. On display, the evolution of thought that ventures across borders, making the stone become light, practical and playful, without ever compromising its elegance. The emphasis is on the company’s ability to shape its products to meet the needs of the contract and residential markets. The fertile collaboration with various personalities from the world of design and elsewhere investigates themes like wellbeing, beauty and aware use of materials, while the Surfaces & Objects collection has been expanded with new textures and materials that bring out the quality and unique identity of marble.

Muze by Luce Di Carrara, design Carole Baijings
Cosimo by Luce Di Carrara, design SeanDix

Sean Dix has designed Cosimo, a seat sculpted in precious blocks thanks to an innovative combination of advanced robotic technology and exceptional craftsmanship. The fluid, forceful and welcoming form is perfect in the dining area, or in a lounge. Dix has also created Omo, small sculptures of different colors, materials, textures and sizes, representing the essence of humanity. With Perforations, Lust and Muze, Carole Baijings reinvents bowls, traditional trays and vases through intricate perforations, geometric grilles and folds, as if the marble were a sheet of paper, creating bold forms and true visual experiences. The chef Davide Oldani chooses the waste from other project, carefully reassembled to form a completely new block of marble, in the creation of Futuro Perfetto and Passato Perfetto. 

Perforations by Luce Di Carrara, design CaroleBaijings

A table service with an extraordinary variety of plates, and an aesthetic of contrast due to the combination of random pieces, generating a set of tableware in which no two pieces are identical. The Elemento series designed by Andrea Saccavini – including a candle holder, incense burner, soap dish and valet tray – stems from the same ethic: to eliminate surplus in both aesthetic and material terms. The geometric matrix based on the relationship between the basic forms of the square and the circle makes it possible to minimize wasted material during the production process, conveying a pure brutalist look. 

Living Marble by Luce Di Carrara

Finally, Attila Veress has worked on the reinterpretation of two existing products. The Porto table, now also entirely in stone, joins the original version with wooden legs, available in different sizes. Altering the covering of Lucinato XL, the designer has transformed a standard item into a piece made to measure, with larger proportions to emphasize the three-dimensional perception of texture, though to the touch the piece is completely flat. A “game” that fully interprets the idea of Living Marble by Luce di Carrara, now seen in a new light.