Modern culture

The multimedia library Le Château in Bruges introduces a new way to perceive and experience culture - open, dynamic, multi-faceted - echoed by the USM Haller systems playing a key role here

Le Château, Bruges

Within the new multimedia library, Le Château, in Bruges (France), one encounters an innovative, dynamic, and multi-faceted approach to culture. It serves as a vibrant, inspiring hub where creativity is nurtured and stimulated, all within a context deeply imbued with charm and character. The library (covering 1200sqm) is situated within an extensively renovated 18th-century castle, which still retains traces of its past, such as the fireplaces and original carvings, to which a 400sqm semi-underground extension and an open-air theatre have now been added.

Despite the building’s antiquity, the library carries a highly contemporary concept: in addition to offering visitors the chance to read, this space hosts multimedia and digital creation workshops, cultural and recreational events like game nights and video game tournaments, as well as exhibitions, concerts, shows. The versatility of this cultural destination, constantly ready to metamorphose in its configuration, is greatly facilitated by the interior project that features USM Modular Furniture.

In fact, the various environments showcase the USM Haller modular system, presenting a variety of solutions such as multimedia consoles, mobile containers for toys or comics, shelving, or service carts, in a mix of colors, shapes, and functions. The “evolving” nature of the system aligns with that of the venue: USM Haller modules change as the room’s function changes and adapt to new working methods or new organizational methods of space.