Salvatori lands in Amsterdam

The company specialized in stone manufacturing opens its first flaghisp store in the Netherlands, in collaboration with Piet Boon studio

Adda by David Lopez Quincoces

From the Apuan Alps to Amsterdam the distance is not small, but Salvatori has been able to shorten it. The brand founded in 1946 by Guido Salvatori inaugurates, in partnership with the design studio Piet Boon, the first flagship store in the Netherlands.

Libreria Colonnata di Piero Lissoni
Colonnata by Piero Lissoni

Curated to showcase the range of Salvatori’s diverse range of products and surfaces, the flagship store will present pieces from across the Home, Lighting and Bathroom collections that demonstrate the brand’s attention to detail, material and craftsmanship. Elisa Ossino’s Balnea collection articulates the expressive potential of Bianca Carrara marble, contrasting the weightlessness of the pleated linen shower curtains with the mass of a bathtub carved from one contiguous, carefully selected piece of stone. Together with a basin and mirror that echo the simple, elegant form of the monolithic bathtub, the collection foregrounds the bathroom as a place of calm and contemplation.

Balnea di Elisa Ossino
Balnea by Elisa Ossino

Complementing Ossino’s collection, the flagship also features basins from David Lopez Quincoces bathroom range, which pairs natural stone with wood shaped by some of Italy’s finest wood workers, wall mounted basins and mirrors by Ossino, and a selection of smaller, sculptural basins demonstrating the range of finishes and stone that Salvatori offers.

Balnea di Elisa Ossino
Balnea by Elisa Ossino

Of particular note from the Home Collection, Piero Lissoni’s Colonnata bookcase uses ten different natural stones to create a playful statement piece, the colour animating the space it is set in. Additionally, Salvatori’s lighting collection is represented by Farfalla, which uses the translucent properties of marble to give the elegant, thin lighting system a sense of
weightlessness, and Urano, a hollow sphere carved from a cube of Bianca Carrara over five days and finished carefully by hand – sophisticated design that achieves a simple and timeless beauty.

Skoon 80 D
1511 HV Oostzaan