Where the heart of Peck beats

Customers are attracted by the famous vegetable macedoine salad, the pâté, or by charcuterie and cheese tastings featuring products from all over Italy, not to mention all the latest products, such as Plancton Marino the new ingredient which recreates an authentic sea flavour. A pleasure not only for the palate, but also for the eyes, thanks to the project by Scandurra Studio at this location which exudes history and tradition.

Everything first started back in 1883 with a Prague-based pork butcher called Francesco Peck, who decided to open a shop selling charcuterie and smoked meats in Italy’s economic capital. Soon the shop became a veritable cult for the entire city and has remained so through to the present day.

Today, this temple of delicacies has doubled in size with the opening of Il Piccolo Peck, the new gastronomy café which seamlessly blends with the historic premise and business, in line with its 1930s style, exuding a classical café and bistro ambience. The honey-colour wood, selected for the ceiling and for the cladding of upper column sections, effectively matches the chocolate tonality used in the interior’s lower parts. Lighting, inserted in the wooden ceiling, creates a warm effect throughout the interior, with spot and led lighting along the entire length of the café, or around columns. In a retake of the ancient Peck model, leather benches have been selected, along with glass tables, along with a dark glass and zinc counter. The architect Scandurra defines the projects as a ‘gentile revolution’: “I’ve tried to recreate the underpinning philosophy of Peck gastronomy products: just like the food, the project for the Piccolo is based on quality and masterfully processed raw materials”.