The goblets of Andrea Mancuso for Perrier-Jouët

During Design Miami, the designer of Analogia Project reinterprets the DNA of the historic maison de champagne with a collection of Art Nouveau-inspired glasses

Glasses that blossom like flowers, chalices that grow from stems: it’s Metamorphosis, the project by Andrea Mancuso – founder of the studio Analogia Project – for the maison de champagne Perrier-Jouët, during Design Miami 2019. “The glasses have different forms, just like the various notes perceptible in the different cuvées. The flûtes come from an idea of natural growth, with an eye on the heritage of Maison Perrier-Jouët, always connected with Art Nouveau. But for me it was also important for the design to be modern and innovative. With this collection I have imagined six glasses that explore the metamorphoses of nature, combining the crafts tradition with technology.”

Andrea Mancuso per Perrier Jouet
Metamorphosis by Andrea Mancuso for Perrier-Jouët

A celebration of nature and of the way the company transforms grapes into champagne, applying the know-how gained in over 200 years of history. A grand tradition reinterpreted through research and experimentation, merging age-old knowledge such as that of handcrafted blown glass with the impact of 3D printing: “The use of high-tech tools permits complex forms that somehow express the fragile delicacy of nature. There is a certain beauty in recognizing the legacy of the past using decidedly modern systems: a new approach to share and interpret ancient stories.”

Perrier-Jouët booth at  Design Miami/
Perrier-Jouët booth at Design Miami/

At Design Miami 2019, Metamorphosis is presented in an immersive setting that narrates the vineyards of the company, its wineries and various champagnes. Together with the Italian ceramists Alessio Sarri and Nuevoforme, Andrea Mancuso uses 11,000 ceramic pieces to suggest the bottles ageing in the cellars, with a range of hues that reflect those of the Perrier-Jouët vineyards during the harvest. At the center, the collection of glasses is displayed in six niches in a theatrical way, on stands made with lost-wax casting, a very complex technique borrowed from the artists of Art Nouveau.

Watch here the video of Metamorphosis