The free spirit of Living Divani

The company based at Anzano del Parco tells its story in a new nonchalant, pop animation by Lissoni Graph.x

Living Divani narrates its free spirit in a nonchalant pop animation created by Lissoni Graph.x: a visual and graphic timeline of about 2 minutes, to retrace the history of the brand founded by Luigi Bestetti and Renata Pozzoli in 1969, as well as over 30 years of collaboration with Piero Lissoni as its art director since 1989, along with the main product families.

The animation is a narrative and graphic mix&match, a hypnotic kaleidoscope of optical impressions, with a fast, engaging pace, to express the vitality and creativity concealed behind the refinement and aplomb of Living Divani.

Living Divani, Virtual Apartment
Living Divani, Virtual Apartment

The story is added to the brand’s various digital initiatives, like the virtual flat that enables viewers to have an interactive experience directly from the corporate website of furnishing solutions arranged in various domestic settings, from the living area to the dining room, the bedroom zone to a large outdoor terrace.

A virtual apartment where it is possible to admire the minimal and poetic style of the brand based in Anzano del Parco, in a sequence of new creations and famous furnishings, from the Frog chair designed in 1995 by Piero Lissoni, considered a trailblazer of the trend of low, ample seating and a new, more relaxed lifestyle, to the recent designs by the young (and talented) David Lopez Quincoces.