Chelini bears its contemporary and international soul

At Salone Chelini showcases its contemporary collection Chelini Firenze, enriched by fascinating proposals and inspired by its latest collaboration with the London-based Artefatto

An ample and nuanced 50s-inspired collection featuring innovative proposals for all home interiors. Chelini Firenze is the brand’s contemporary soul, the result of continuous stylistic growth which this year is completed and enriched by highly original evolutions.

Just like with Chelini 1898, the company’s strongly classical inspired historic collection, Chelini Firenze also proposes furnishing elements as part of a total look, from upholstery to lighting, furniture units, beds and accessories: modern creations with a classic and eternal soul, developed by a multitude of inspirations which become the starting point of a perfect evolution, a synthesis of the company’s history.

The company’s CEO, Vasco Bussetti declares: “We tried to stick to the philosophy of a wooden artisan project, the use of noble materials including brass, transposing it into a contemporary setting. Our contemporary is strongly linked to our classic, because if classic is the enactment and study of antique furniture, our contemporary is the enactment and study of modern furniture, by means of a very similar research itinerary, historiographic and museum-like”.

A common thread uniting classic and contemporary, also palpable in the choice of materials. Brass, widely used during the 50s and which in the new collection manifests itself as the transposition of classic gold leaf. Brass matched with the usual woods, always artisan crafted according to the finest Florentine tradition, together with fine leather and fabrics, such as cotton, wool and velvets above all.

Mr. Bussetti continues: “This year, in addition to our own interior design studio, we have broadened collaborations, in line with objectives we have set for the next few years, namely the development of projects with various interior designers and international designers. We are presenting new products which have been developed as part of the new collaboration with the London-based Artefatto, with pieces such as the bed Atlas, the Ipa chair and armchair, for dining, or the bedroom armchair Stout. In order to do so we have chosen Salone, which remains a fundamental reference point for us. Indeed for us the Italian market is very important, both in terms of turnover, but also in terms of a marketing and sales strategy, because we have always believed that in order to be strong abroad it is important to be strong and present on one’s own market”.

Once more pieces from the Michele Bönan per Chelini, range will also feature at the stand, celebrating a successful collaboration which first began 15 years ago.