L’Impero dei Sensi by Visionnaire, design Studiopepe
L’Impero dei Sensi by Visionnaire, design Studiopepe

The new collection presented by Visionnaire embraces almost every moment of a person’s daily life, from waking up (with a gym session to tone the body and spirit) to cocktail hour. And it redefines them in terms of the elegance of shapes and materials, aiming at the uniqueness of style. A broad and multifaceted vision, developed thanks to the creative input of a large number of designers. Here are three manifesto pieces.

Shibari by Visionnaire, design Studiopepe

Lucente by Visionnaire, design Studiopepe

The Shibari armchair has as its decorative element a large knot: a sign-symbol which in Egypt represented immortality, and which in this project is declined in a form of great softness. Duke is a bar cabinet that manages to be both linear and unpredictable, thanks to the interplay of materials and shapes: the Patagonia marble of the top, the ribbed MDF of the body, the metal element that fits into the cabinet and creates a strip of light. Finally Lucente, a sky/earth or table lamp that combines the ironic preciousness of the oversize jewel shape with the sustainability of the material (regenerated PMMA). What emerges is a sophisticated way of living the home, which designs a new idea of luxury. That brings together design precision, extreme attention to detail and decorative richness.

The presence of Visionnaire at Milano Design Week is also enriched by a special project: “The Empire of the Senses”, a synesthetic narrative, based on a vision of StudiopepeArianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto – to describe acapsule collection of three pieces designed for Visionnaire: the Shibari chair, the Parade lighting system and the Blanche set of two mirrors.

Duke by Visionnaire, design Studiopepe

Parade by Visionnaire, design Studiopepe

The immersive installation – presented during Design Week 2023 in the Wunderkammer of the Visionnaire Design Gallery – focuses on the senses as tools of knowledge of the world. The surfaces are tactile, the colors reflect the nuances of skin. The experiences – visual, tactile and olfactory – are accompanied by dance performances. “L’impero dei sensi” is a unique project, where the arts and design join forces to create a magical, engaging atmosphere. The sensation is that of plunging into a soft, enveloping world where time stands still.