The fantastical worlds of the new Wall&decò collection

The Contemporary Wallpaper 2018 collection by Wall&decò proposes punk, winter and glamour decorations and effects

X-Ray, design by RAW

The latest decorations proposed by Wall&decò for 2018 feature patterns developed from a vast array of inspirations, veritable self-contained “worlds” which also have the capacity to engage in dialogue and complete each other. For the new year, Wall&decò amazes us with a multifaceted palette: a series of high visual impact wall decorations conceived to define and enhance any home interior – from living room, bedroom, areas of passage to dining room. Like a prism in which different wave lengths converge into a unique and exclusive image, Wall&decò creates and reunites different subjects which make up the new wallpaper collection, in three distinct yet interconnected fields.

The first of these fantastical “worlds” by Wall&decò is called Punk Reloaded, where aesthetics become further removed from the hues of earth and nature and take a plunge into the codes of electronics. A palette which confers invisibility upon the immateriality of the digital world, with selected colours in the vicinity of purple, fuchsia and blue.

Colore vs Colore is the second mood, almost a journey through perceptions aroused by colour blocking inspired by fashion. The palette is played out in powerful colour contrasts, where warm tonalities are lit up and cooler hues are desaturated, without losing their strength. Colours converge towards sandy tonalities, whereas forms are softened to enhance the surface’s material texture.

The last of these new worlds, Winter Elegance, is a vision of winter as a sophisticated refuge, where warm colours, such as antique pink and beige, are matched with cold hues such as blue and green. A golden background becomes the key link between rich and profound tonalities. Patterns are characterised by clear-cut contours as well as geometries balanced between eclecticism and rigour.

1977, design by Gio Pagani
Akos, design by Christian Benini & Andrea Merendi
Arcadia, design by Lorenzo de Grandis
Bestiarivm, design by Gio Pagani
Fairplay, design by Serena Confalonieri
Glaze, design by De Bona De Meo
La famiglia Pois, design by Antonio Marras
Lesley, design by Bertero Projects
Lettera 32, design by Bertero Projects & Antonio Andrea Pinna
Matrix, design by Draga & Aurel
Pulvis, design by Ines Porrino
The deep wild space, design by The Elusive Otter Osella