Constant reinvention for Linvisibile

After launching its new website at Salone del Mobile 2016, Linvisibile, a leading company in the production of doors and flush wall closing systems, continues its task of rebranding, orchestrated by the company’s art director, Matteo Ragni. To further its continuous development and close collaboration with interior designers, the company has renewed its image with the reinvention of its site, logo and communication elements and has also introduced changes to its product range in recent months.

Different names, from the Alba system for the vertical opening of swing doors, to Marea for the smooth movement of sliding doors, to Brezza for the precise, light movement of pivoting doors, as well as new products.
Such as the Orizzonte family, an innovative flush paneling system that allows you to decorate walls, thanks to a ‘skin’ of cladding only 3 mm thick, with the same finishes as the doors, producing an effect of complete continuity. Or the flush baseboard system in which the profiles, available in different materials (glass, metal, stone and wood), are embedded in a recess in the wall before plastering and laying the floor.

More recently, the company participated, along with partners such as Marset, Matteo Brioni, Jannelli&Volpi, Frits Jurgens and Living Divani in the opening of Insidesign Studiostore, inaugurated at the end of October during Bologna Design Week.
The showroom, dedicated to designers, is housed in the 17th century deconsecrated church of Santa Maria della Neve, in Vicolo della Neve 5, and presents a tailored display of Linvisibile closing systems and a fine selection of furniture, lighting and accessories.