A double vocation for conquering Europe

East and west, residential and contract, the force of union is the message of Stellar Works

After Cologne (first time ever), the Shanghai-based company is set to present itself at Stockholm Design Week, which has become an unmissable event, growing into more than just a Nordic design catwalk over the last few years, characterised by an increasingly international allure.

Two world-famous companies are veritable calling cards for Stellar Works: Neri & Hu, creative directors of the Chinese company, truly put their own faces to the Bund collection; the Yabu Pushelberg duo (queen of hospitality in 2017) adds two coffee tables to the Blink collection.

Both proposals converge towards the concept of contamination between past and present, knocking down (virtual) barriers between residential and contract, as confirmed by Yuichiro Hori, founder and CEO of Stellar Works: “Stellar Works exists to unify ideas: East and West, heritage and modernity, craftsmanship and industry – bringing out light in its best light.”

The Bund collection (meaning “shores of the muddy bay”) by Neri&Hu is a tangible manifestation of this concept, the synthesis of Shanghai and Chinese history, from the colonial period right through to the current industrial age.

2018 proposals by the multiple-award winning design duo harmoniously integrate with other Stellar Works products, not least the New Utility sofa.

Contrast between materials has always been the leitmotif of the Blink collection and with these too coffee tables Yabu Pushelberg continues the theme by matching wood and marble, conferring an identity upon both accessories which enables them to remain vital, even beyond the collection.


Stellar Works – Kasthall Showroom & Flagship Store – Ingmar Bergmans Gata 4 – Stockholm

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