Aesthetics, taste, function, culture and brand

From the Bar Luce by the director Wes Anderson from the Prada Foundation in Milan at the InGalera restaurant at Bollate’s Circondary House, variations in the design carte of restaurants and bars can be countless and varied. From the most neutral style, background to the sensory experience of taste and flavors, to themed realizations, including creative concepts enhanced with special effects outlined with heights, changes of perspectives, graphisms and trompe l’oeil, mirroring surfaces, chromatic elements and decorations, light sculptures and illuminating fixtures.

A universe of languages ​​and expressive systems that has attracted in recent years more and more attention from architects and interior designers, who work in collaboration with chefs (as the well-known project by Oldani and Lissoni for D’O), from Italian companies and an audience looking to be entertained by the combination design-starry cuisine. A design procedure where all that matters is the ability to concentrate and harmonize aesthetics, creativity, atmosphere, function as well as culture and brand in a reduced space dimension.

If the restaurant is a place to begin a seated journey dedicated to food, the culture is linked to culinary or hospitality traditions – local, international or fusion – but it is also related to place, geography, architecture and people. And if the restaurant aims to become a venue, then the brand expression must be exquisite, whether is the name of a starred chef like Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, a hospitality company signature, a Luxury brand, such as Luca Fantin at the Bulgari Hotel in Tokyo, or a museum such as the Nubel of Madrid or The Brooklyn in New York.
Every element, and let’s not forget about the worship of tableware elements, is carefully planned and blended for the best aesthetic and functional experience in a highly specialized and evolving industry that needs international personalized events. The next, The Restaurant and Bar Design Show, is on schedule in London on September 26-27.