Marchi debuts at the big four-oh

The unique country style of the Marchi kitchens reigns from 40 years. Important goal for the brand, that has been developed within a small reality and now it is scattered around the world. The years spent close to many artisans forge the creativity of Gianluigi Marchi – founder of the company. After learning the traditional techniques of material processing (from wood to iron and stone) Gianluigi Marchi shaped original products, which meet the desires of a specific public. «The part of the creative process that interests me is not just the designing of something stylish, but designing a lifestyle into it, making sure that the things around us are perfectly consistent with what we feel inside».

A lifestyle based on a country essence, which fits with protagonists that aim both to revoke the beauty of the past, and taste the typical characteristics of the tradition. Doralice represents the brand’s philosophy; realized in 1987, it was first kitchen with wood (walnut) as protagonist.

Each product has a timeless style, thanks to the multiple materials of strong impact, which offer to the space personality and awareness – such as the new collection Gusto Italiano. Among the anniversary’s novelties, the new products create a bound with all the Marchi’s proposals through the name. The Made in Italy is a strategic element which guarantees an international prospective to the brand. Since the first kitchen to the last model Brera 76 – which combines steel, wood and concrete – the brand doesn’t give the traditions up, putting it in contact to innovative and high-quality ideas.