Fendi Casa opens in the Milan fashion district

An exceptional location in the heart of Milan hosted the new showroom of Fendi Casa, in via Montenapoleone 3. The elegant inner courtyard of the Palazzo designs an entrance to the store, an invitation to explore the sophisticated rooms of an eclectic contemporary residence. The space, over 400 square meters on a single level, is located inside Palazzo Carcassola-Grandi, a fine specimen of the Italian architecture of the 16th century.

The aisle, accessible from the main portal designed by the renowned architect Giò Ponti, states, since the entrance, the highest craftsmanship of Fendi; an experiential path enhanced by the iconic Fur Tablets, 13 Made-To-Order pieces in fur. Three different living areas celebrate the values of the Fendi Casa Contemporary Collection, shaping multiple universes defined by sharp and geometric lines distinctive of the Toan Nguyen’s aesthetics. The store also includes an outdoor area featuring the Fendi Outdoor furnishing, an exclusive private Eden to live in the open air.

“Via Montenapoleone is one of the most prestigious shopping destinations in the world, so the decision to open the new Fendi Casa store in this location reflects the desire to emphasize the connection with Fendi”, says Alberto Vignatelli, President and CEO of Luxury Living Group. “Today the worlds of fashion and design are more closely connected than ever before: with this project we set out to express the codes of FENDI, where elegance is a synonym for warm settings and unique materials, with a continuous drive towards modernity”.