Luceplan, between light and sound

During Orgatec Luceplan presents new products in its display space at Design Post. In this context, Luceplan launches the world premiere of two extremely innovative lamps: Diade, designed

for the workplace, and Garbì for interior design projects.

Luceplan has concentrated for years on issues of acoustic comfort, investing in research on new

technologies and paying constant attention to both perceptual and physical parameters, without ever losing sight of the dynamism and chromatic quality of light.

One of the results of this ongoing experimentation is Diade by Monica Armani, who after the success of Silenzio continues her research on new technical lighting solutions that also offer high sound absorption performance. The striking and evocative suspension lamp is composed of an extruded central body and two panels that can be attached vertically or horizontally to create a partition or a large hanging unit.

The “wings” with their rigorous linear design are thermoformed with sound-absorbing wadding, shaped and marked by lines whose function is both structural and decorative. The lines also serve to channel the light to meet different needs, downward from the central line or in two beams, or optionally upward for an indirect lighting effect. The lamp is available in a range of different colors.

To enhance the already large collection of decorative lamps for the home, Luceplan presents Garbì, an applique created by David Dolcini that seems to take form from the wall itself, in a single solid volume of soft, regular surfaces that meet to create precise edges that become striking graphic signs. When the lamp is turned on, the light of the LED rebounds on the wall, creating a vivid contrast, and then slides inside the opening, illuminating it and delicately forming an arch on the wall.

At Koelnmesse, Luceplan has been selected with its 15 Silenzio lamps (in three different colors and diameters) to outfit the restaurant in the stand of Sedus