Laufen’s evocative spaces in Madrid

An environment that almost resembles a museum, far beyond a simple exhibition space. The new Laufen Bathrooms showroom in Madrid is an evocative universe resulting from an interior project that has been calibrated in detail by Patricia Urquiola, a firm of international renown.

Here the primary, exclusive audience, namely architects and designers, can find inspiration and embrace the philosophy of the Swiss company, which provides them with a space where they can also work. The showroom concept expands, becoming a professional, as well as experiential, place. 

An interplay of colors and materials sets the rhythm of the rooms, in which Laufen products, which boast a distinctive identity, demonstrate the brand’s design variety. Marble alternating with onyx, mirrors, resins, oak wood and iron emerge from a pure white scene, occasionally interrupted by contrasting specks of color.
The modern language of the interior project perfectly fits with the architectural setting of a historic early 20th century villa: the showroom takes up two floors, spread over an area of 200 sq m. Each room is framed by a light, black iron tubular structure with gold corners.
The rigor and functionality of Laufen products are reflected in Patricia Urquiola’s vision, reinterpreted with a sensitive and sophisticated approach to create an emotive environment.