Clei. When Kitchen “disappears”

From 1963, the mission of Clei consists in the conceptualization, design and production of transformable systems endowed with the capacity to multiply the domestic space through their functional metamorphosis.

Follows the aims of the company is Kitchen Box, the innovative kitchen system which was presented at the last Salone del Mobile di Milano.

Kitchen unit is composed of two equipped elements, with overall  total dimensions cm H 220 W 124,8 D 62,3 in the open configuration, L 79,3 in the close configuration. The bi-folding large door turning on wheels. The element can be right or left opening.

One element contains the pantry and a tilting table (cm 120 x 60) that, once open, join the top creating a wide service surface . The other element contains sink, induction hob with 2 cookers,  refrigerator with capacity 130 L , dish washer for 6 covers, microwave and hood. The kitchen is already equipped for  water and electricity connections. The equipment is completed by fenix laminated top, ultralight glass back panel. LED lighting and accessories rank.

Materials are anti-tracks and strongly scratch-resistant, besides water-proof and anti-mildew. The kitchen is an independent box, that can be even integrated in the Clei Living System in Melamine or Lacquered finish.