De Castelli surfaces: material, technology and design

De Castelli’s 2016 products for floors and walls display meticulous care over the details and the manual execution of all the finishing and decoration operations, as well as the creative touch of international architects and designers. Innovation, elegance and “Made in Italy” quality with exclusive effects conveyed by materials such as natural black sheet metal, brass and copper, used individually or together.  
The floors, outstanding for their high production quality, display mosaics in iron, copper and brass based on original forms like Copycat, with hexagonal tiles designed by the architect Cino Zucchi; or Square 30 – Square 50, an elegant square mosaic to an R&D De Castelli design, or Formati, again to a R&D De Castelli design.
The walls also display high production quality, in which metal is bent to the requirements of different spaces and uses.  Vertical Green is a sort of “vertical garden” setting created with an ornamental American vine leaf pattern, traced in copper and brass, bent, oxidised, brushed or with a verdigris finish.
Scomposto and Boiserie are wall panels of varying heights and widths that create a pleasing visual effect. 3D Covering is a practical system of cladding, a “3D” wall designed for interiors consisting of cube-shaped modules cut diagonally that can create a range of tones and depths.