Opera Contemporary. Testaments to success

With charm and savoir-faire, the Opera Contemporary brand has gained international attention. And what better demonstration of the brand's success in the sector than the completion of exclusive interior design projects. Launched in 2010, the young brand has demonstrated great design flexibility, an impressive range of products, and a flair for customizing products from its vast catalogue to meet a wide variety of furniture requirements. Key to its success is the brand's elegant and sophisticated allure, a response to the increasing international demand for classically-inspired furniture with a contemporary touch.

One of Opera Contemporary's first projects, completed several months ago, was the design of the offices of the Italian Embassy in Angola. Many rooms were furnished using a light and dark effect, dominated by contrasting combinations of light-coloured fabrics, richly-toned wood and resplendent finishes. Products in the collection were the starting point for new creative solutions, with specific sizes and finishes. The Manon collection provided the design for the completely bespoke cabinet in oak and Macassar ebony behind the reception desk; the Edgar line inspired the conference table in the meeting room, made with special dimensions of 300x140cm and replete with hidden central columns with wiring for microphones and speakers. The Rosalie Classic collection inspired the custom-made upholstered furniture scattered through the rooms: simple, voluminous sofas and armchairs. Both Ruslan and Teseo influenced the coffee table designs.

The company's attitude towards design has led it to unexplored territory, from the introduction of a catalogue of original products – precious, spectacular lamps – to the creation of a design concept for all the brand's showrooms which emphasizes Opera Contemporary's global identity and increases its exposure. The new Miami showroom is the start of a new strategy. It will be followed by openings in New York, Los Angeles and Texas, expected to take place between now and next year: all part of a targeted plan to establish and develop the brand in the United States.