The voice of material

Ethereal and seductive are terms that aptly describe the creations of MDF Italia, as seen in the vibrant new displays in the corporate showroom

MDF Italia, corporate showroom. Ph © Thomas Pagani
MDF Italia, corporate showroom

A timeless, calm, neutral landscape to bring out the material force of the furnishings of MDF Italia. The new set-up of the corporate showroom has been developed by Cameranesi Pompili, in tune with the layout by the creative duo Meda-Quincoces and in continuity with the project by the Israeli architecture firm Pitsou Kedem, which in 2020 revised the entire concept.

MDF Italia, corporate showroom. Ph © Thomas Pagani
MDF Italia, corporate showroom. Ph © Thomas Pagani

A place that remains enveloping, where the walls bordering the spaces accompany visitors on a visual-sensorial path to discover the products on display. Cameranesi Pompili have interpreted this idea, associating objects with essential decorative elements, always in dialogue with the absolute forms of the products of MDF Italia.

In a warm, welcoming, almost muffled environment, the recent items convey their fullest impact, like the NVL Table, the Random Wood bookcases and the Neil seating, together with iconic creates like Tense, Flow, Cosy and Achille. The tables host geometric and abstract objects, the bookcases take on sculptural forms in soft tones, the lamps define clear lines, while the walls, decorated with panels composed of assemblages of stitched fabrics, echo the chromatic palette of the space and the products.

Alongside this atmosphere composed of pale nuances and neutral hues, there is also a display space set aside for Acerbis, where the protagonists are the new entries of the Remasters collection.

Photo © Thomas Pagani