Visionnaire explores the color along with Chroma

A new appointment with art by Visionnaire is called Chroma, an exhibition organized in collaboration with the artistic community CaCO3.

During a week full of design appointments –  fostered by the Cersaie fair and the second edition of the Bologna Design Week – the luxury brand proposes a moment of analysis and an opportunity for cultural dialogue on color as an indisputable topic in design.

A mosaic of artworks, named serially “Cattedrale”, are placed at the centre of the deconsecrated church of San Damiano in Bologna, today Visionnaire’s showroom. The works of art displayed in their sequence are meant to reproduce the numerical relations of Fibonacci, creating a composition engaged in a dialogue with the surrounding, inviting the viewer to discover different points of view.
These works amplify the symbiotic relation between the different stratification of a mosaic: as in the medieval windows the light travels through the transparency of the glass, transfiguring it, likewise in these works the colour of mortars crossing the transparent stained glass melts with it under the eye of the observer, overcoming the boundaries of the cracking space in which is traditionally relegated.

The group CaCO3 was founded in 2006 by three artists with heterogenous paths, Âniko Ferreira da Silva, Giuseppe Donnaloia and Pavlos Mavromatidis, who, after having shared a formative experience at the “Scuola per il Restauro del Mosaico” (School for Mosaic Preservation) in Ravenna, developed a deeper curiosity for the mosaic language.