The world in a room

Daydream is a virtual window to the interior of a container, a hotel’s room. On the occasion of Sleep – The Hotel Design Event, which took place in London and closed on November 22nd, Caberlon Caroppi studio presented an innovative definition of a hotel room, a proposal to transform hospitality into an exclusive experience.

A mock window in the room that transmits a video with extremely realistic techniques and methods that create an illusory and realistic access to the world, to infinite worlds: for the London installation the two designers chose to portray the panorama of Milan, but "from that window" the themes available to customers are unlimited.

Daydream is an imaginative idea that can be adapted to hotels that are part of a group or not, business or luxury resorts, it is not a cliché, it has no stylistic implications, it is a device that can be used at all levels of hospitality and if only for this reason, innovative.

At the Hotel Show in Dubai the first version of Daydream focused on the theme of intimacy: as the designers said, "Dubai is a city that doesn’t exist, at least in the common perception of the word, it is a carrier of events usually a bit extreme. Our choice went in the opposite direction and focused on a story that speaks of relaxation and privacy. The history of the London installation speaks instead of a city that enters the room, a room that – as always – must respond to the client's requests and speaks of the possibility possibility of a private and confidential escape route … in the city ".

Daydream is the result of a path that mixes the constant orientation towards the customer's ambitions and an eagerness to research that has always been present in the two designers, the need for succeding – sometimes – and raising their heads, free themselves from everyday life and go far away with the imagination .

Through Daydream designers Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi (a partnership with 12 years of experience and counting over 100 hotels and projects from around the world) send a creative message, a precise and flexible proposal of content strictly linked to the concept of hotel experience (often abused in this sector), but here instead finds its strong, expressive and original value.

Upcoming Daydream? The designers now dream of New York, the perfect city for a new and creative "window".