Nahoor: the origins of light

What is the brand’s design philosophy?

The Nahoor project was officially founded in 2009, with the aim of masterfully interpreting the function of light. Nahoor, a highly evocative aramaic term that signifies “origin” or “source” of light, best expresses my personal vision of the function of light, which responds to the sacredness of the home environment and of hospitality, in which lighting has to expand and modulate visual horizions, recreating the order of the spaces and environments in which we move, live and welcome our loved ones. In line with this vision, light sources must be represented by lamps capable of occupying a space without invading, distorting or compressing it, while preserving a strong, distinctive personality. This has led to Nahoor products with clean designs, for which internal and external order have a precise correspondance, allowing the lamp to be adapted to the environment in an infinite number of different ways.

What are the most important materials and finishes for you?

The materials we use are enhanced in all their material strength: brass in all its available variants has always been the most popular material, although since the last edition of M&O in Paris, products that combine different materials such as metal, marble and glass have been growing in popularity. We are constantly taking on new challenges when it comes to mixing materials, processes and combinations, which has led to a number of collaborations such as the ones during Milan Design Week: with 120% Lino, Almini and Micaela Barbarossa.

What does “innovation” mean in your industry?

On the one hand, it refers to “technological” innovation (such as the introduction of LED technology), which has strong repercussions on the appearance of creative variations of products; on the other hand, it refers to innovation that is essentially creative, in which the product is continually reinvented to adapt to the changing needs and tastes of the market.

What role do you think lighting plays in contemporary interior design?

Lighting must take back its rightful role. It is too often overlooked and relegated to the final stages of design, not only by end users, but also by professionals, and is often allocated a residual budget. Yet light, whether natural or articificial, is an essential element and we must begin with an awareness that everything changes when light changes: objects, people, emotions and sensations.

How does one choose a lighting product and how does it integrate with furnishings?

It is fundamental to start with the intended use of the place that requires furnishing and lighting and also with the personality of those who benefit from finding an ideal solution. Light should perform its specific function in every home and at the same time suggest a route through different spaces, creating increasingly new atmospheres that continually reinterpret that space to be in tune with its users. From this point of view, Nahoor, with its products and various personalization possibilities, offers a unique service: it can start work on the interior from the outset in order to create a coordinated environment together, or it can resolve existing situations by choosing whatever is most suitable for the setting from the wide range of products and finishes.

What are your main markets?

Nahoor has had an international vocation since its foundation. It was no coincidence that in 2009 we decided to launch the project on the market in Paris, during the January edition of M&O. We work a lot with Europe as well as with North America and Asia: countries in these regions are more receptive and open to high-quality products, value and design content, and appreciate the quality of Made in Italy.

You are going to star again at M&O Americas: what will you present to the public in Miami?

The American market is one of our most important markets, but it still has untapped potential for us. This is partly because of the enormous economic resources of our target market in this country and partly due to its mature, sophisticated taste, which is very receptive to our products’ style. We will present a selection of Nahoor products at M&O Americas that best express our mood, while simultaneously offering multiple customization possibilities. One of the stand-out products that we will be presenting is the iconic Mahari, alongside the new additions for 2016 such as Cubo and K&W. Both are the result of a new design language, which is capable of exploiting the technological potential of materials such as glass, steel, marble and wood, combining simplicity and functionality.