Badari hides Hermitage collection

Badari makes its debut in occasion of Salone del Mobile during the 60 years of activity, exclusively presenting the awaited Hermitage collection. The historical company keeps the customers hanging, in fact it doesn’t offer anticipated images of the collection, but it wants to surprise the pubblic within the collective Gallery Project.

Badari is active in artistic lighting sector, but it decided to open the horizons presenting luxury furnitures, always ready to new challenges. In addition to XVIII century chandeliers, also consoles, accesories and tables are part of the collection, completely realized in bronze.

The eternal material, protagonist of the sculture, is crafted from Badari, which recalls the tradition but also uses all the technologies available today. Not only bronze, ma every material is elevated through the production process, which offers fascinating and timeless works.

Launched in 1956 and currently at its third generations, the brand creates artistic products, flexible and custom size.