Zanaboni. Stylistic fusions

The secret lies in a sort of stylistic awareness that enables this firm to experiment, to take courageous yet mindful decisions and to decorate in the true sense of the term.

The Zanaboni recipe is applied to the design project as well as to products.  By adopting a mix and match philosophy, the firm shapes total living environments defined by a combination of different styles, picked out from the numerous collections of the brand.  «This allows us to offer a furnishing solution that is increasingly complete and innovative, one which fully reflects our  classical and artisanal identity – explains CEO Massimo Zanaboni – A strong awareness of style is essential to the application of this design approach with its harmonious coordination of different styles». Whether the line is classical, eclectic or transitional (exemplified respectively by the Lara, Smeraldo and Giada models), the connective thread of Zanaboni proposals is a well balanced chromatic effect between soft shades and dashes of more impacting colours.  The introduction of increasingly exclusive fabrics (such as cashmere by Loro Piana Interiors) follows fashion trends, which are then freshly interpreted to create new furnishing orientations. The same applies to manufacturing processes which, drawing inspiration from classical precepts, assume a new significance thanks to the evolution of their formal lines and design.

Hence the partnership undersigned by the firm with the fashion brand Borbonese, a bon ton fashion collection which extends Zanaboni’s existing offering with new furnishing products and materials: from bronze to marble, from ceramic ware to natural fabrics.  

An overview of this philosophy can be experienced in the firm’s new showroom in via Fatebenefratelli in Milan.