Dreamlike visions for Asnaghi Interiors

The big structure of the Easy bed develops an analysis and introspection path concerning the different perceptions of dreams through different life stages, from the cradle to child’s cot, to the king-size bed.

The large frame of the Easy bed develops a course of analysis and introspection on the diverse perceptions
of dreams in the various stages of life, from the cradle to the child’s cot and the nuptial bed.
“To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come” William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet.
The composition is ordered and geometric: firstly, the space that separates the mattress from the floor, the space that divides the stage of dreams from the ground of everyday reality. Then, the protective element of the net, enabling what is beyond the bed to be seen withoutthe possibility of contact with what is behind.
If the net at the bottom of the bed protects from the unconscious fears of childhood, the great veil above is what emboldens us against the fears of adulthood. Ageing, loss, death. A red thread through this white net, a further element of defence against those fears that are no longer unreal and irrational: the red line leads the gaze upwards and raises the head towards the sky, calming uncertainty over the hereafter.
“The sleep of reason produces monsters”. But the reason of sleep calms our souls and guides us towards an interior peace.


Text © IFDM
Photo Credit: Andrea Sartori