Rigor and comfort in the new Turati Boiseries project

An artisan project, launched on the banks of Lake Como, which is full of that delicate, typical lake atmosphere that characterizes interiors and exteriors, an atmosphere that is evocative due to its special light, ethereal stillness and diffused elegance. An interior project that resulted from a request to combine sobriety and rigor with coziness and comfort in a truly bespoke environment that Turati Boiseries has created with tailored features.
Naturally wood is an important protagonist, achieving its utmost expression in the panelled walls, which feature warm shades and are embellished with fine craftsmanship that enhances the pastel colors and harmonizes with the precious inlays and furnishing accessories.

The living area and sleeping area boast luxury that is expressed in the optimization of the spaces and the enhancement of the rooms. In the former, the choice of colors and the furniture made by the Como-based company’s master craftsmen are perfectly arranged in the spaces, creating remarkable compositional harmony; harmony that is also maintained in the sleeping area, which, although it features a different color concept, presents elements that are in continuity with the other areas.
The custom creations are reflected in Turati’s typically classical taste, but the company’s wood panelling and iconic elements alternate in the rooms with different effects, giving each one a distinctive theme.

An ideal environment where Turati blends the heritage of its ancient furniture tradition with present values, through original pieces that express a style that is far from excessive and close to the essence of the design space.