Entrance doors: the new trends put the focus on appearance

The market for doors has changed a lot in recent years, not only from the technological and performance points of view but also in appearance, which follows the tastes and trends of interior design as never before.  The latest developments in 2017 of the leading companies in the sector confirm this, just look at the key products presented by the Gruppo Porte d’Ingresso of EdilegnoArredo, which interpret precise, popular trends.
At the forefront is security, not limited any more to anti-burglary classifications but extending to thermal and acoustic insulation with performance levels that can be customised.  Indeed, the entire production can be customised, starting from the choice of accessories and tailor-made finishes, and design and production flexibility are increasingly in demand.  Technology and electronics, in addition to the use of innovative materials and processes, are increasingly providing automation through new smart and mobile-friendly devices.

But the doors of 2017 are also furnishings for all intents and purposes, to the point that Vighi Security Doors has created, as part of the Vighi Art and Design project, a line of coatings for the inside of security doors, the Ventesimosecolo collection designed by SintesiDesign: new panels divided into three lines, anniTRENTA, anniCINQUANTA and anniSETTANTA (theTHIRTIES, theFIFTIES and theSEVENTIES), inspired by the style and spirit of those years.
Among the security entrance doors, the latest arrival is the Top 2003 Fortia 5, which displays excellent performance in security (class 5), thermal and acoustic insulation. In their turn, the doors of the two families, Top 2001 and Matik, passed all the tests for Class 4 and are now even more secure, while Matik App is the company’s first automatic entrance, accessible via smartphone, which offers a series of options for scheduled remote access.