Three Red Dot Design Award for Artemide

With Lamps Solium by Karim Rashid, Meteorite by Pio & Tito Toso and Logical Garden by Michele De Lucchi, Artemide has won the Red Dot Design Award 2015, that rewards the quality and the innovative excellence of manufacturers and designers.

Karim Rashid autographs Solium , a floor lamp made ​​of polyurethane , made through a single productive moment that reflects light through his own body. During its presentation, the designer said: "I imagined Solium as the negative light. Its presence is crisp and sensual . The shadow comes from a wavy base. The concave surface throws a beam of light that bounces off the lamp and is projected on the wall".

The second winner lamp is Meteorite, signed by designers Pio & Tito Toso, that comes from  a search for a new sensibility , a new expressive language in glass blown for lighting " . This is how Meteorite is presented by its creators,  who continue : "We started with a love for ‘beaten’ Venetian glasses, for the effect of grinding and the strong appeal of  ‘unfinished’ flavor that this type of work leads to the glass ." However, while recalling the ancient tradition of glass blowing, it uses technology to improve its performance and it’s enhanced by a diffuser made ​​of art glass double layer obtained through the craft technique of blowing in the mold to a standstill.

The third winner is Logical Garden lamp designed by Michele De Lucchi. Logical Garden is a lamp lighting for outdoor, designed to shed light on gardens or pedestrian paths. It provides vertical supports aluminum of different heights that sustain the sources of LED lighting , protected polycarbonate screens. As his creator explains: "The light, like all things in the world, is made by many different pieces, but its quality is perceived as a whole. And this is valid for both the natural light of the sun and the artificial light of the lamps".