Foscarini. The poetry of light

Luca Nichetto paired with  Nendo to create a new jellyfish-inspired lamp for Foscarini that was unveiled in Milan at the Euroluce lighting show.

Called ‘Kurage’ (meaning ‘jellyfish’ in Japanese), the new lamp recalls the graceful form of a jellyfish with its four slim elongated ash legs topped with a lightweight, handmade washi-paper shade.

Washi paper is achieved by processing the bark of the mulberry tree through a complex process that is deeply rooted in tradition. The result is a light material, with a smooth surface at one end and delicately rugged at the other.

Ultra light-weight, the diffuser rests on the base without the use of a mount, in order to prevent any possible shadows from altering the pureness of the light.

The designers created the lamp following a back-and-forth creative process similar to writing ‘Tanka’ – a genre of Japanese poetry where a person writes the first three lines and sends to the other to complete the last two.