Orama, a journey between art and nature

From the collaboration between Woolrich and Wanderlust Vision comes “Orama”, the book that tells three unique outdoor experiences. A journey between art and nature, sounds and silences, earth and sky

Orama Book, Woolrich x Wanderlust

The partnership between Wanderlust Vision and Woolrich was based from the beginning on the reciprocal enhancement of their values, with the objective of developing innovative projects. From their latest collaboration, “Orama” was born, a limited edition book that embodies the result of the synergy between the two brands. The project originated from the shared experience of creatives from different sectors, all united by the same passion for the outdoors, and is an attempt to show a part of this, an interface between the Wanderlust Vision collective and Woolrich, through which the reader can immerse themselves in the infinite possibilities the world offers.

Orama is a term with aesthetic and literary flavor that, translated from Greek, means view. It embodies an extended vision and constant search for new horizons, between sounds and silence, earth and sky, contemplation and dynamism. This is a view that goes beyond, not limited to observing the individual element but, on the contrary, contemplates the whole panorama – from this comes its name, derived from ‘panorama’ – with awareness and much dreaming planning. The work of Wanderlust Vision takes place immersed in reality, in artistic and naturalistic contexts, which is mirrored in Woolrich’s products. Just like a fabric, Wanderlust Vision wants to dress spaces, enhancing them but never overturning or subverting their original identity. The events carried out over the course of three years, collected in the book, represent a journey to discover the many facets of this partnership. A path through different practices and artistic forms, to tell about places, values, and potentialities, through photos, videos, sounds, words, and graphics. 

During the launch event, the protagonists of the Woolrich and Wanderlust Vision collaboration will retrace the stages of these experiences, while the most suggestive photos will be on display in the store, along with objects, documents, invitations, and products developed for the three experiences. The book Orama, produced in a limited edition of 150 copies, will be available from April 22nd.