Color stories

Judith Van Vliet

Man at the center… of color

Space for yellows and oranges. But also midnight blue and intense shades of violet. The palette for the year to come is an engaging rainbow of warm, deep hues. A far cry from the...
Judith an Vliet, ColorWorks® Designer and a leader of the ColorForward team

Technology that colors the world

Four stories to narrate next year’s color trends. Two were previewed in the Spring-Summer edition of Contract&Hospitality Book, and two now conclude the telling, picking up the threads of an exclusive interview with an...
Judith an Vliet, ColorWorks® Designer and a leader of the ColorForward team

Colors, both present and future

The society of today, as it gets ready to enter the second decade of the second millennium, is one of stark contrasts. The technological dimension (from hyper-connectedness to the constant presence of digital services...
Judith an Vliet, ColorWorks® Designer and a leader of the ColorForward team

Positive vibes

It renews the appointment with colour. The start of this extraordinary collection dedicated to design is entrusted to the book Color Stories, exclusive and original content produced in collaboration with ColorWorks®, a business unit of...

Towards the future

Increasingly global and increasingly focused on society. ColorWorks®’ methodological approach is evolving in parallel with the world, which it analyzes, recounting its color trends. The Clariant branch, which is represented by its four Centers...

New color horizons for 2018

Oranges and greens alongside dark blues and natural tonalities. The common thread for colors set to paint 2018 is widespread sobriety, a lower-key tone compared to the brilliant and vivacious nuances which have defined...

2018: the colors of change

ColorWorks® has identified and announced the colors that will dictate the trends in 2018. A palette of 20 shades shows the dawn of a cultural revolution in color through four Stories. ColorWorks’ expert and designer Judith van Vliet talks about them
Judith van Vliet

A guide to color trends of 2017

We left you holding your breath. We interrupted the story halfway in the previous Contract & Hospitality Book of March, revealing only two of the four stories dedicated to Color Trends in 2017. Now...

Shades of relationships in the color trends of 2017

An exclusive meeting with Judith Van Vliet, an international expert on color trends, to find out about the colors that will dictate tendencies in 2017, and the process from which they originate
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