Ak_Project by Arrital, design Franco Driusso
Ak_Project by Arrital, design Franco Driusso

Evolution, not just updating. The Ak_Project system by Arrital has expanded to meet the needs of contemporary life, in an increasingly intimate, personal approach. Starting with the concept launched in 2017, in fact, the company has widened the range of expression and composition, developing a true “project” that can adapt to a potentially infinite panoply of styles, tastes and architectural spaces.

This is the key of interpretation of the new Ak_Project, created in collaboration with the architect Franco Driusso. The exceptional versatility of the model is based on modules, finishes, materials, colors and accessories, making it possible to formulate kitchen environments that are always different, in tune with the personalities and desires of users. At the same time, it is a versatile, smart and dynamic design platform made available to architects and interior designers.

The many new offerings incorporated in Ak_Project boost functional quality inside the kitchen environment, creating a lively domestic atmosphere. They include the Boiserie Planar, paneling with a linear, elegant look that brings material impact to the room and aesthetic uniformity, enhanced by the new shelves with built-in lighting fixtures; the modules of the Divider System, which bring visual transparency to spaces, ensuring separation through forceful geometric design, also for use together with the sliding Alu-Table.

And the Pass System door in glass, which divides the kitchen from the living area with a double glass door, in line with the modular arrangement of the columns in which it is inserted. For contexts that set out to combine aesthetic consistency with a high level of practicality, Ak_Project also presents the new Sipario storage module, which conceals the operative zone thanks to four hide-away panels, permitting multiple configurations inside. Ak_Project also keeps the pace in the area of materials, with a new series of effects, like the Riga finish (in oak or natural Sand lacquer), Tecnolineo or glass in the Lineo Bronze solution.

Arrital thus unveils its constant research on innovation and design, along with its close observation of the evolutions of living space. A versatile location in a state of constant change, the modern kitchen requires increased flexibility and practicality, as well as an image capable of establishing dialogue with hybrid settings in tune with the living area. This factor leads to Arrital’s intuitive creation of perfect insertion of the Ak_Project system with the Feeling Home collection in daytime zones – including paneling, bookcases, storage systems, a TV stand, entrance modules and dividers, all the way to a true line of décor complements. The result is an unusual and complete work of domestic architecture, with the Arrital signature.