Flou. Not ordinary design

Whilst retaining the identity by which it is known, that is to say, a brand intent on interpreting ‘The culture of sleep’, Flou has extended its operating range by crossing its own borders to follow the evolution of good living. Flexible and inexorably refined, complete collections for bedroom interiors alternate with modular systems to create the most contemporary living room solutions

«Do you remember when Flou used to make beds? Those times have gone!». This is how Massimiliano Messina introduces his presentation of 2015 novelties to the press. An ironic yet emblematic preamble.  Yes, because Flou, a brand acclaimed worldwide for the quality and design of its beds, is now so much more. And no one is more aware of this than its owner, who has advocated the transformation. «More and more often, our customers are asking us to accompany them in their everyday lives, also because living styles are evolving: the rooms of a home are no longer separated as in the past; today you can create your domestic spaces to reflect your way of life. So, it is up to manufacturers to support you in this process by offering products that are extremely flexible and modular».

By aligning its products with the evolutions of living requirements, the company has crossed the borders that have always defined its origins to embrace the entire living area. The concept of comfort and total wellbeing of its beds has now been interpreted in the new upholstered elements. If it is true to say that last year the Doze sofa (by Rodolfo Dordoni), together with Gentleman by Carlo Colombo, had already marked the start of this design turning point, this year the Olivier system (by the design duo Garbin-Dell’Orto) has brought it full circle. The latter is a sectional system, therefore, whose stylistic trait consists in an abundance of soft voluminous cushions – which not only offers users a more comfortable seating experience, but allows them to experience the product in total freedom –  completed by extremely functional tops in elegant marble.

The brand evolution we refer to, however, also takes the form of a new philosophy, expressed in the creation of complete collections for the bedroom – in which Flou expresses its full potential – but whose products may also live an autonomous life in different contexts. Hence the Iko product line signed Dordoni,  «fruit of a new mindset that emerged a few years ago within the company which, in the meantime, has developed and further extended its product offering – explains the designer – We wanted to design an ambiance, an atmosphere, a space for night-time living». The predominant element is a bed of formal purity and elegant appeal, made from exquisite materials such as burnished steel, trims in gold-dipped polished brass and leather for the headboard; this is accompanied by a console, a mirror, bedside tables in marble and a sophisticated armchair characterized by leather straps and large cushions.

The range of novelties also includes a creation by Colombo, the Majal bed, whose name recalls the motif from which it draws its inspiration: the natural, interwoven pattern created by pieces of fabric that Indian women dip into dye and wring out to eliminate excess colour.  Such are the geometric and organic forms which define the headboard and may even perform the function of a soft wall panelling. The roots of this company also emerge clearly from its new proposals, in which the textile spirit of its creations is enhanced and interpreted in such a way as to become a work of art.

Watch also the video of the interview with Massimiliano Messina.