Cappa ad isola Haiku – forno Virtus combi 645 TFT – cantinetta Veritas BI 24 - cassetto scaldavivande Virtus warm drawer 60 PP – piano ad induzione RATIO 874 PLUS
Cappa ad isola Haiku – forno Virtus combi 645 TFT – cantinetta Veritas BI 24 - cassetto scaldavivande Virtus warm drawer 60 PP – piano ad induzione RATIO 874 PLUS

Genuine innovation shows its value in everyday life, when technology comes into play to simplify habits and reveal new possibilities for improvement in the home. Elica moves forward with this approach to design: combining aesthetics and performance to generate “extra-ordinary” experiences in every sense. Across 50 years of history the brand has revolutionized the world of cooking in terms of design and technology applied to appliances. The aspiration hoods, cooktops and ovens by Elica transform our way of cooking, but also our way of living in the kitchen space, in a spirit of simplicity and practicality. Minimal and linear forms conceal smart appliances capable of connecting with each other, to maximize performance and even to reduce energy consumption.

The new developments presented by the brand at Eurocucina bear witness to this philosophy. Starting with the new Virtus Combi 645 TFT oven, a compact unit that covers all the functions for everyday food preparation and sophisticated recipes. The design is contemporary and rigorous: total black glass on the door, a compact handle in anodized aluminium, a control panel with TFT color display, and a compartment in stainless steel. The functions are multiple, based on the world of professional cooking: a combination of convection, steam and microwaves, all the way to humid or dry heat – thanks to the electronic valve that expels or retains condensation produced inside the oven.

Piano ad induzione Ratio 702 – Forno Virtus Multi 90 TFT

Forno Virtus Combi 645 Tft

Piano ad induzione Ratio 874 Plus – Forno Virtus Multi 90 TFT

Piano ad induzione Ratio 874 Plus

Minimal looks and smart functioning are also the earmarks of Ratio 874 Plus, a range which stems from the new Ratio line by Elica, to adapt to all needs and all spaces: solutions measuring 30, 60, 80 cm, all the way to the slim version at 87 cm.

In visual terms, Ratio 874 Plus stands out for its practical touch controls that make the cooking experience simpler, thanks to intuitive indicators for power, timing and various functions; with a single touch of the Cooking Flow control, the range detects the presence of cookware and automatically activates the correct power level.

Forno Virtus Combi 645 TFT – Cantinetta Veritas BI 24 – Cassetto scaldavivande Virtus Warm Drawer 60 PP – Piano ad induzione Ratio 302 Plus – Cappa Boxin No Drip

In addition, special sensors enable heat management via the automatic Melting, Warming and Simmering functions – these features allow you to achieve perfect results with the best textures, even during prolonged cooking. You can finally say goodbye to the risk of burnt food sticking to the bottom of the pan, constant stirring, and overflowing liquids. Not only that, water for pasta boils in just a few minutes and oil for frying reaches temperature quickly thanks to the Fast-Boiling function, which boosts the power of a cooking zone. If the pan is very large and a single cooking zone is not enough, Ratio 874 doubles it: thanks to the Bridge function, two adjacent zones can be combined. 

Cappa ad isola Haiku – Forno Virtus combi 645 TFT – Cantinetta Veritas BI 24 – Cassetto scaldavivande Virtus warm drawer 60 PP – Piano ad induzione Ratio 874 Plus

The combination of harmonious expression and powerful performance is even more evident in the Haiku hood, whose name references a technique of Japanese poetry,  here, it is interpreted in an urban design that aims to simplify the traditional form of the hood, also through a depth of only 32 cm. The linear shaping of Haiku emerges in the aluminium grilles with a cast-iron effect, and in the finishes that rely on black tempered glass, stainless steel and Krion, a surface of the new generation that stands out for durability, strength and easy cleaning. The hood becomes a feature of the décor, but also a demonstration of advanced engineering: thanks to the Shift 3238 System the depth of the body of the hood can be adjusted to the millimeter in the wall version (from 32 to 38 cm) to create perfect alignment with the hanging cabinets, augmenting the operative space on the cooktop. Haiku integrates excellent aspiration power with high levels of silence, thus leaving only the pleasure of cooking and enjoying the living area in the name of conviviality.