Scavolini, beyond the kitchen

At the 2018 edition of Eurocucina, Scavolini surpassed itself with two outstanding systems with opposite styles, created by true stars in the design and professional kitchen world

At Eurocucina 2018, Scavolini, a premium brand in the kitchen/living room and bathroom sector, presented two new products designed by two internationally renowned figures: Mia, designed by starred chef Carlo Cracco and Box Life, created by the Rainlight design firm and its creative director Yorgo Lykouria, in collaboration with HOK.
The company’s style and expertise is evident in the meticulous finishes and details of the two systems, which explore fundamental kitchen furniture themes, such as usability, functional efficiency and technology from two different points of view: Mia focuses on the concept of the professional kitchen, while Box Life responds to the issue of space reduction in houses and to the needs of contract environments.

The Mia kitchen therefore has a professional style. Chef Cracco designed it for gourmets and fans of culinary art, equipping it with household appliances with special functions: a dryer for dehydrating food, an oven with a leavening option and a vacuum-packing machine. The professional equipment has been translated into design elements. Such as the structure suspended above the operational island, a formal element of the model that integrates an extractor hood, shelves and a plate rack. Or the wall panels with food warming lamps, tool rails and wall bottle holders, all specially designed for the model.

Mia by Carlo Cracco

By contrast, Yorgo Lykouria and the architects of Box Life take an almost opposite approach by creating a system that aims to conceal the functions of the kitchen and the house. Large cupboards made up of modular columns with hidden doors open and close to reveal, only when needed, a kitchen complete with cooking and washing facilities, lights, wall units and base units with drawers and a dishwasher. And that is not all. Box Life is also designed to integrate an oven, fridge-freezer, pantry, laundry and wardrobes. And even a double bed.

Box Life by Rainlight in collaboration with HOK11