Sign by Ernestomeda, design Giuseppe Bavuso

No limit to spaces, no boundaries. Individual home spaces are ever-evolving, becoming the physical expression of new rules of home living. Versatility, customization, and dynamism underpin the Sign kitchen design, a collaboration between Ernestomeda and the architect and designer Giuseppe Bavuso, who has become the company’s art director too. This many-parted design expresses its full complexity both in the use of materials and in the variety of possible combinations. It is evolving along with the ever-changing daily needs of contemporary life. 

Sign’s pivotal concept comes out of an open space idea in which the kitchen is a fluid concept. It is a place where functionality dominates, transforming to become a natural extension of the living areas. It embodies coming together and conviviality, hospitality and warmth, all human needs that spring from the idea of food and shaping comfortable spaces perfect for relaxed conversation. 

In a design that joins formal and aesthetic qualities, the element of customization is key. This translates into the chance to choose from over 200 types of finishes and materials to create unusual, surprising combinations, merging nature, innovation, and high-impact strokes of color in unique ways. Stoneware, melamine, metallic glass, lacquered with wood or metal effect, a range of marble and granite options, and a new finish for 2024: ribbed in solid black oak wood, open pore, a development of ribbed Hi-melamine.

Sign is designed as an ever-expanding universe, a center point from which many different elements can originate. This means it can be integrated with aesthetic and functional solutions such as the Daylight open system, View cabinets, and paneling made of Set panels. These can be combined with Stay shelves and Move-on Plus snack tables, with a sliding top that holds a utensil compartment, and a Line Table built into the island and peninsula compositions. 

Elevating Sign’s practicality and high-quality performance, it can be added to by a Double Indoor door system and the MDI Induction worktop, available in the Nevada finish, seamlessly combining with the Able cooktop and washing area with the Bridge over-counter system above it.