Ristorante Follis, Roma

Harmony and elegance, games of contrast and solutions of striking emotional impact. Bringing life to a location calls for mastery, with careful study of every detail, as can be seen in the precise choices of surfaces by FMG and Iris Ceramica for the Follis restaurant. The new venue in Rome, curated by Franco Costa, is the expression of a very specific culinary concept. 

It is an experience that balances and perfectly condenses the idea of gourmet dining bistro and mixology, an ideal reflected in the approach to the various settings and the use of materials. The simple and informal offerings are combined with innovative culinary research. The menu also tells a definite story, and the décor is part of this dance involving all the senses in a true all-around experience.

Every space has been envisioned to transmit character and personality, and the surfaces by FMG and Iris Ceramica are a key element in the combination of aesthetic allure and high technical performance, to ensure resistance to scratching, wear and chemicals. The materials foster hygiene and durability, fundamental virtues in the world of restaurants. 

Eclecticism and Art Deco are the distinctive references of the two dining rooms, indicated as Living and Slowly. The Living area features a bar surrounded by stools, tables and sofas, all enhanced by the flooring in Sahara Noir technical ceramic tile by FMG, showcasing precious black marble with warm veins in tones of caramel, orange and cream. At the same time, the Onice Grigio by FMG stands out on the walls, adding rhythm and charm to the space thanks to an unexpected game of hues, in shades of ochre, sand and ash. 

Letting ourselves be wrapped up in this decorative triumph is just the start of an experience that continues until it reaches a high point in the Slowly room, a second environment where the Sahara Noir and Onice Grigio surfaces are sublimated, creating a more intimate, reserved atmosphere, thanks to the furnishings – found glass tables with oak bases, velvet seating, sculptures of sea creatures – and to the soft lighting. 

The experience is completed by the outdoor veranda with lounge, a hidden area of welcoming warmth, made possible by the Whole Chevron Cotto of Iris Ceramica, a solution that enhances the furnishings, such as the stove-fireplace in red majolica. The herringbone pattern of the installation sets the pace of the area with poise and dynamism.