In the Mood by Poltrona Frau, Design Jean-Marie Massaud
In the Mood by Poltrona Frau, Design Jean-Marie Massaud

Not by chance, Take Your Time is the name of the Poltrona Frau collection that includes the In the Mood sofa designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. A true seating system developed to induce calm and tranquility, embraced by comfort and fine craftsmanship. This is an evolution of the work by the French designer that began fifteen years ago with the success of the Kennedee model. In the Mood is a well-balanced, coherent project, capable of conveying great emotional impact.

The horizontal geometry determines the character, emphasized by the slender poise of the feet reaching towards the center, for a sense of dynamism and lightness. The minimal, almost elementary design, with clean, essential lines, is pursued down to the smallest details to bring out the remarkable quality of the covering.

Whether in Pelle Frau® or in the sophisticated weaves of Poltrona Frau fabrics, the large upholstered surfaces of In the Mood are clad in elegance, with the typical sartorial stitching of the brand’s historic creations, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The edging accompanies the contours of each piece, even including the lateral storage compartment, amplifying the sense of softness of the rounded surfaces.

There are many possible combinations, with two or three-seat modules, and a 45° curved element that breaks up the rigidity of the corner configurations, encouraging convivial relaxation. Some portions of the back are exposed to view, between one cushion and the next, emphasizing the idea of welcoming breadth while underlining the rich quality of the handmade finishing. The armrests can be low, medium or accessorized. A storage compartment concealed in the latter, to contain everyday useful objects, along with an extractable tray. When closed, the armrests become ideal supports for drinks, snacks or a laptop computer.

The value of Massaud’s system is precisely the fact that it is a premium product connected to a concrete idea of everyday living. The company has developed this concept, applying its know-how to the mutation of the sofa in its functions and its use: from a high-image object to an element that becomes increasingly pervasive in everyday life.